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LITCHY Nipplecover Night Sky

€ 9,95

Looks can be deceiving with these smooth nipple covers that feel like second skin. These adhesive covers are perfect when wearing semi-sheer or thin fabric or when simply looking for extra coverage. They may look like drops, but they definitely won’t drop when it’s hot. They are water and sweat-resistant, so you can count on full coverage for up to 9 hours. Try combining our nipple covers with our boob tape for total coverage.

- Design: Our one-sided adhesive nipple covers are designed for all sizes. They are made of 100% satin and are sweat and water-resistant.
- One time use // 5 pairs.
- Skincare: Do not use the nipple covers on sunburned, thin or sensitive skin.
- Length of use: 9 hours.
- One size fits all


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